Manisha Koirala to Enter Politics

Nepalese beauty Manisha Koirala has confirmed that she is to enter Nepalese politics either as an independent or possibly as part of the Nepalese Congress. Three members of her family have been Prime Minister of Nepal at one stage or another so the decision is a serious one. The actress, who currently has roots in Mumbai and Los Angeles, is planning on moving permanently to Nepal. “My political plans are in the formative stage,” she says. “However, I do realise that if I’m to take the plunge; which I have decided, I will then need to spend a lot of time in my home country.”

Meanwhile, Manisha has a number of movie projects that she has to finish. Always an actress with great depth, she is looking forward to My Friend Pinto, a Sanjay Leela Bhansali production that will also star Prateik Babbar. “I’ve been dividing my time between Mumbai and the US, where things are going well between Chris, my partner, and I,” she explains, “Cinema will always remain my primary passion. After I did my friend Deepti Naval’s film Do Paise Ki Dhoop Char Aane Ki Baarish I’m hungry for even more challenging roles.”

Always a social activist, a UN goodwill ambassador with a particular interest in working hard to prevent the trafficking of Nepalese girls for prostitution, Manisha is looking for meaningful roles that reach out and touch - her most recent being the Onir short movie I Am Megha which looks at the conflict in Kashmir and the future hopes for peace.


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