HTC HD2 is now available through Vodafone UK, can be had for free

HTC HD2 is now available in Vodafone UK. You can get one for free on 24 month contract and 35 pounds tariff or on 18 month commitment at 40 pounds tariff. The offers seem similar to iPhone plans through Orange and O2 so we guess Christmas shopping will pose quite some tough choices for the gadget lover.

The monstrous HTC HD2 is now available in the Vodafone UK network and you can have yours for free on either 18 or 24 month contract. A free HD2 applies to the 35 pound monthly tariff and the 24 month contract, while if you opt for the 18 month contract, you'll have to opt for a 40 pound monthly plan.

Truth be told, those offers are similar to the Orange iPhones's, so in the Christmas hype all will be up to the device, not the operator or tariff.

You can see the offers (including exclusive online ones) at the official Vodafone UK website.


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