Motorola Aura goes Diamond, yours for 3800 euro.

24 October, 2009

The luxury Aura wasn’t luxurious enough for Moto anymore so they decided to upgrade it with 18 carat gold plating and 34 diamonds. There aren’t too many functional changes but than again features is hardly the Aura owner first priority.
The new Diamond Edition may be not so jewelry-thrilled and expensive as the 5500 euro
Motorola Aura Diamoniqe Limited Edition, offering “only” 34 diamonds (instead of 90) and 18 carat gold plating but it will be much easier to pick one.
Thirty of the diamonds of the new Motorola Aura Diamond edition are inlaid around the circular display, while the rest four gems shine on the D-pad.
Motorola Aura Diamond Edition
The specs of the Aura Diamond are the same as the first
Aura. The highlights include quad-band GSM, 2 megapixel camera, 2GB internal storage and mostly a round AMOLED screen with 480 pixels diameter.
The Aura Diamond Edition will be sold at 3800 euro and can be yours starting from 26 October.


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