Fashion Potpourri

Fashion Potpourri,

The third day of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) witnessed a flurry of passes raw by participating designers. Sanchita, Namrata Joshipura, Manish Gupta, Vineet Bahl, Sanskar by Sonam Dubal, Pashma, Vineet Bahl, Little Shop of Jason and Anshu Antonio and Varun Bahl – all you need to offer a commercial for the track – stylish, well finished and clothing design for sale.
Sanchita showed a collection of perfectly finished creations. Black linen dresses, tops blue shirt with dhoti pants, satin dresses Jersey Combo teal, et al shone forth. Namrata Joshipura well done collection of stylish clothing consisted of dresses, sequined tops, dresses and gold net ‘dome of jackets and skirts. Collection of Sonal Dubal had white sun dresses, pleated dresses, sequined pants and dresses embroidered with white flowers Chanderi patch. Another label that never fails to the audience is small shop and this time also had some offers most stylish of the ramp. While Vineet Bahl lineup included silk tulle tops with appliqu├ęs medallion, draft silk chiffon dresses and georgette caftan dresses and Manish Gupta offers a variety of textures and styles outside of whites. Varun Bahl collection was very pretty, feminine and relaxed in its appeal. The creations seemed comfortable and yet he had an attractive sexy. The designer played with layers of sequins and networks to make their elegant and very wearable clothes. Pashma was another label that there were some interesting differences in silk clothes, cashmere and linen – the creations were very well done. Earlier in the day, in two different shows, some young designers submitted designs. Lot, design duo and Gaurav ritika had the additional advantage that is needed to move them forward in their creative path. Joy Mitra had some interesting pieces in his collection too. Jai Parvesh should move away from its unsuccessful effort to be spicy and start doing something that is pleasing to the eye. His ill-equipped bathing suits, I thought, can only be harmful to the user, especially when exiting the water. Users who looked AM-PM by Ankur and Priyanka Modi, Nikhita Tandon, Nimirta Lalwani, Raman Vij, Umesh Vashisht and Preeti S Kapoor. The third day also ended with a promissory note.


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