Japan fashion week begins

Japan’s biannual Fashion Week opened, kicking off the Spring/Summer 2010 season’s collection from the nation’s top and budding designers. But while the designers such as Toshikazu Iwaya of the newly launched “Dress33″ brand showed an upbeat collection inspired from Pablo Picasso, there was little to be upbeat about the fashion business environment currently still in the throes of the global economic downturn.
However Iwaya, who said his asymmetric outfits were a tribute to the master of cubism, also said that the economic crisis was a chance to make his mark. Having opened several shops in the last year, he said people in these dark times are on the look out for something special, something inspiring. The organisers of the fashion week concur, adding that the week long fashion event which brings together over 54 different domestic and asian fashion houses, will hopefully be fertile ground for buyers looking to purchase something top quality but of good value.


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