SRK: I wanted to be a pornstar

SRK always carries his witty jokes and liners with himself even to Arindam Chaudhari’s book launch. Arindam Chaudhari’s latest book Discover The Diamond, is inspired by the success of Big B, SRK and Rocky(Sylvester Stallone).

So when SRK came on stage, he said, “I was inspired by Rocky too. I wanted to be a porn star! (Sylvester started his acting career as a porn star).I’m going to work very hard, positively, and with clarity, to be a porn star.Main bhi Discover The Diamond in You padhoonga. Next time you hear about me, I’ll be the world’s biggest porn star.”

Then on a serious not SRK said, I believe success is a wonderful experience, but not always one from which we acquire wisdom or knowledge… which is why success, whether deserving or not, can be enjoyed, but not passed on.Success is never final, just like failure is never fatal!”

Thanks for the advice SRK.


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