Emraan Hashmi join the six-pack league

Emraan Hashmi was always criticized for his extra flab, but now for his next flick Once Upon a Time in Mumbai he has toned his body.

Emraan says, “My role in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai demanded it. It’s not just about six-pack abs; my character had to look physically tough. That was one of the key requirements of the script.”

Director Luthria says, “Emraan has always been the underdog and his character is that of a rebel, a dark horse…styled on the lines of James Dean. I wanted to break his ‘Serial-Kisser’ image and add shock value to the film. I chose Emraan and them styled him this way as it was extremely difficult to find a youngster who, in levels of intensity, could be equal and the same time opposite to that of Ajay Devgn’s character”

Emraan trained under Praveen Tokas Angular training method to achieve the lean mean look.

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